Professional Sales Teams Thrive with the Right Tools

Does your sales team spend more time negotiating with you than with the customer? Do they struggle to achieve pricing targets? How well-equipped are they to accomplish the objectives they are given?

As an avid DIY’er, I enjoy tackling various home renovation projects. I recently took on a larger project, so I enlisted the help of a friend who works as a professional contractor. As I struggled to complete some of the necessary tasks he would say, “You know they have a tool for that.” He would then retrieve a specialized tool from his well-equipped toolbox that allowed me to accomplish the task in a fraction of the time with better results. Wonder and awe filled my eyes and I added that tool to my wish list.

Working with salespeople during Negotiating with Backbone workshops over the years, I have been impressed listening to what they have accomplished with only a sales sheet and a 10% discount approval. I watch them struggle when I recommend they avoid the discounting tool to defend price. Then I watch their eyes fill with wonder as I say, “We have another tool for that.”

Here are some of the exciting tools in the professional salesperson’s toolbox:

  • List of effective qualifying questions that uncover true motives
  • Needs assessment beyond listening to what the purchaser tells you
  • Buying center identification beyond single point of contact
  • Tiered offering structure
  • Give-Gets
  • Quantified financial impact versus the competition

Not only do professionals have the right tools, they have developed a proficiency with that tool, knowing when and how it is used.

As this year comes to a close and you begin setting targets for 2018, pause for a moment and consider, what tools do my salespeople currently have? Are they proficient in their application? What specialized tools might we need to drive our company’s growth goals? A well-equipped tool belt is key to the success of every professional. For you, that means enabling sales to achieve those coveted price targets.








Travis Umpleby

Written by Travis Umpleby

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