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Posted by Adele Mclean on Apr 9, 2018 5:49:00 AM
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Celebrating 10 Years of Pricing with Confidence (video 5 of 11).

Pricingconfidencebookcover.jpgAdele McLean discusses Rule Four in Pricing with Confidence - "Play Better Poker with Customers."  

If you really want to stop leaving money on the table and curb senseless discounting, invest in learning how to play better poker with customers.  Some customers are motivated by price alone.  Others want and are willing to pay for value.  Still others want value but are bluffing for a discount. Know the difference so the difference can work for you.  Adjust your offering and selling approach to optimize your advantage in each selling situation.  You might even learn to love your price buyers.  It's the Poker Players you've got to control so you can stop leaving money on the table.




If you liked the principles and ideas about Buyer Types in this chapter, check out Reed's follow-up book  Negotiating with Backbone: Eight Sales Strategies to Defend Your Price and Value .  The book explores strategies so you can identify the tells of a bluffing, poker playing customer, build better relationships with customers, and protect your value from senseless discounting. 



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