Recipe for Discount Disaster

Posted by Tannis Ashworth on Dec 14, 2015 7:00:49 AM
Tannis Ashworth

It’s true, customers cook up delectable discounts every year to get high value deals for discounted prices – here’s how they do it.

  • Take 1 Proposal presented in Q4
  • Add a full measure of Nervous Sales Manager and a dash of year-end Executive Jitters
  • Stir in Resistance and a spoonful of Deliberate Delay
  • Bake ‘til mid-December on slow, even heat
  • Discount Disaster is ready when seller succumbs to pressure

On a trip home from Baltimore a few weeks ago I overheard a conversation between two business men, “Okay, let’s avoid giving them (vendor) our answer until mid-December.  We know they’ll be hungry for business to close their year- end.”  

Customers reading this post will likely be saying, “Yes – that’s the way to get what you want!” While sellers reading this may refer to their ‘excuses book’ saying, “That’s what customers expect.  I can’t close the business without a year-end discount.  My competition will scoop this business if I don’t give the customer what they want.”

The cycle is enough to give a seller heartburn and other than a good dose of antacid, the seller needs to prepare a more effective, skillful response rather than caving to the demand. For example, has the customer been reminded of what happens when supply is not available in the New Year?  What about the impact of a delay on their ability to meet deliveries to their end customers?  How will their strategy hold up when the competitive product falls short of meeting end-user expectations?

Does this year-end recipe ring a familiar tone for your own organization’s excuses?

NOTE: Don’t be shocked ~ I wasn’t eaves dropping.  The sound level of each man’s voice gave no indication they were interested in keeping their conversation confidential.  

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