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Posted by Adele Mclean on Jan 17, 2018 11:50:00 AM
Adele Mclean
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This is a special Negotiating with Backbone report from the field. Last week, I heard from one of our clients, a $15B Fortune 200 company with over 1000 salespeople worldwide, that the Backbone tools and tactics are being put into practice on a daily basis. This person reported that they are setting goals for each of their salespeople to practice their new Backbone skills with their coaches with at least one new opportunity each quarter. Most importantly, they are seeing results.

 One of the sales leaders stated, “Had one [Poker Player] just this Thursday threaten, ‘If you don’t come back with a more compelling offer by 1/12, I am telling my team to prepare a RFP.’”

 The sales team replied to the customer, “We understand. Is there any information you need from us to represent the RFP accurately in this tight market?”

 The sales leader explained, “The customer hasn’t changed vendors in 6+ years and really doesn’t want to now. And we confirmed that we will get last look on all offers.”

 Wow what a sign of sales confidence! To all Backbone sellers out there -  keep up the good work with your Negotiating with Backbone tactics!  

 There is hope of turning procurement tactics around on the buyer! Remember their number one goal is to secure product not reduce price, but they sure make us feel that it is all about price, and we are all commodities. Do not let them fool you! Happy New Year everyone!

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