The Top 5 Articles from 2020

Posted by Holden on Jan 14, 2021 9:04:58 PM

2020 was an unexpected year for all of us. It was filled with unprecedented changes to all of our lives, a pivot (for most of us) to doing business virtually, and for us at Holden Advisors, a lot of new and interesting content relating to virtual negotiations and price changes in a pandemic. As we reflect on the past year, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued interest in our publications and spotlight the 5 articles you loved the most in 2020.


1. Is it the right time for a price increase?

Posted by Reed Holden

We have received many requests from companies wondering if it is a good idea to increase prices to offset declining sales during the pandemic...

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2. A tale of two transformations

Posted by Adele McLean

If you are serious about a successful commercial transformation, here are four leading indicators of the success of your initiative...

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3. Three essential elements of a successful transformation 

Posted by Reed Holden

Focusing on the customer is the key to success, and to truly reach customers, companies need to focus on these three critical elements...

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4. Three principles to guide pricing decisions in uncertain times

Posted by Patrick McCullough

Given all the disruption and change this year, challenging your commercial organization’s go-to-market strategy is a totally reasonable endeavor...

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5. Do your customers really need you in the era of COVID-19?

Posted by Brian Doyle

In the B2B space, we talk too often about value adds that are “nice to haves”. In the age of COVID-19, these niceties are nearly worthless. Here are the key areas that will prove your real value to customers...

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