Value Isn't Value Until It's Applied!

Posted by Tannis Ashworth on Feb 19, 2016 7:00:43 AM
Tannis Ashworth

We all like to believe we understand the value our products and services will bring to our customers.  We study our products and link the benefits of what our company delivers to our customers and their respective business; believing we can make a positive contribution.  However, why is it the messages we work so hard to develop often fall on deaf ears?  Why does it seem the value message we believe in, comes short of getting passed our immediate contacts?

Confused, by an unenthusiastic response from her contact, a seller in a recent session said, “It is easy to get desperate and use discounts as the means to, ‘really getting the attention’ of the buyer and even then, there is no guarantee of winning the business.  Why doesn’t my customer get what I’m trying to do for them?”  These are important questions particularly when up against a competitor who can position a very similar value message.  When a customer is presented with two value propositions that are virtually the same, they will narrow their decision to one criteria – Price!  Getting beyond this dilemma is dependent on our ability to apply value in real terms.

Applying value starts with the ability to ask the right questions and addressing those questions to the right people – the people at the core of the buying center.  The right questions assist us by identifying the issues that take priority within the buying center.  Think on this, “Do you know the issues your customer’s executive must address to meet their business objectives?  Do you know who in your customer’s organization will be most interested in hearing the financial impact your product/service will have on these issues, and why?

You aren’t ready to apply value and be an effective competitor until you can answer the questions above and if you aren’t ready to apply value? Well, good luck!

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